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Our facility provides a nutritious morning breakfast, afternoon snacks, as well as a balanced lunch and dinner​ everyday to keep our children healthy and happy. Lunch and Supper come with a choice of fruit, veggies and milk.


Breakfast - Cereal & Applesauce


Lunch - Cheese Quesadillas 


Supper - Hash Browns or Hot Dogs



Breakfast - Buttermilk Waffles


Lunch - Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches


Supper - Maccaroni & Cheese Pasta



Breakfast - Cinninamon French Toast Sticks


Lunch - Turkey+Cheese  or PB&J Sandwhich


Supper - Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Chicken



Breakfast - Pancakes w/ Maple Syrup


Lunch - Toasted Bread & Scrambled Eggs


Supper - Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas



Breakfast - Cereal & Applesauce


Lunch - Toasted Bread, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries and Ramen Noodles


Supper - Toasted Bread, Fish Sticks, and Mashed Potatoes

We provide other options incase your child cannot eat certain foods because of allergies or religon
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